NFA Items for Sale


The following are FULLY TRANSFERABLE firearms on ATF Form 4’s:

  • 1918  BAR   New England Small Arms , (re-manufactured by Specialty Arms)  $30k    +++ SOLD +++
  • 1974A4 (1919A6)  complete with bipod, shoulder stock  (manufactured by FAKTS- Houston TX) VGC $23k
  • 1928-A1  Thompson manufactured by Auto-Ordnance Corp. Bridgeport CT Excellent condition $35k
  • AR-18    Armalite, Inc.  Costa Mesa, $30k
  • Lewis Gun Model 1914  Birmingham Small Arms, Ltd.  comes with one (1) drum and loading tool Good Condition, w/ bullet hole in muzzle shroud   $20k
  • M2 Carbine re-manufactured by Rock Island Armory. VGC $13k  +++ SOLD +++
  • M1A  (M14)    Springfield Armory/ Neal E. Smith,  Mint Condition   $20k
  • M60 manufactured by Rock Island Armory  Mint Condition (unfired since 1996)   $70k  +++SOLD +++
  • UZI  I.M.I. Model A (re-manufactured by Specialty Arms)  VGC $16k
  • M15A1   Rock Island Armory/ Sendra Mfg  Heavy BBL  Mint Condition   $30k


1918 BAR (SOLD)

1974A4 (1919A6)

1928-A1  Thompson


Lewis Gun Model 1914

M2 Carbine (SOLD)

M1A  (M14)


M60  (SOLD)




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