NFA / Firearms Services & Products

Our shop is equipped to manufacture, service and repair all types of NFA firearms and to perform most all gunsmithing activities.

We are a fully equipped shop offering CNC, milling machine and lathe work

Shop rate: $75/hr

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • High Quality Restorations, specializing in WWI & WWII MGs, Sniper Rifles, US, British, French and German
  • Barrel Threading for suppressors and muzzle brakes
  • Re-Barreling and head spacing
  • Caliber conversions

  • Trigger jobs, rifle and pistol
  • Action tuning
  • Custom built tactical rifles
  • Sight /scope installation, drill and tap and machining dovetails
  • Suppressors: 22 cal screw-on suppressors / Ruger 10/22 integrally suppressed rifles / Custom .22 cal integrally suppressed bolt action rifles
  • Post 86 samples

  • Licensed REWATTING on registered DEWATS

  • Receiver engraving to BATF specifications, for ATF form 1 builders
  • Parkerizing, Zinc, (gray-green) and Manganese (dark gray-black)

  • Gun-Kote refinishing
  • Belgian rust bluing

  • Gun Trusts for NFA articles

Terms and Conditions apply