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MG3/MG42 Tripods….. only 1 left

FOR SALE post war MG3/MG42 Machine Gun Tripods. Adaptable to other models including 1919 BMG, MG34 etc.

Complete with quality Hensoldt optics



Carton size: 24″ x 36″ x 12″

Weight 55 lbs

VGC $850 plus shipping

The remaining unit is in very good condition with standard wear and tear, optics appear new and unissued:

tripod6 tripod4 tripod3 tripod2 tripod1



See us at the 2014 MVPA Convention in Louisville KY June 26th-28th

Stop by table 106 in the main convention hall and visit Gary’s Bunker.

We will be displaying our WLA Harley along with general sales of MV parts, gun mounts, etc. Please contact us with your interests and we will bring stock down accordingly to save you in shipping/frieght dollars.

1903-A4 Bolts Status -ON HOLD

There is a huge demand coming in for these A4 bolts. This project is ON HOLD until I work through my existing backlog. When it resumes, I will update the status on this site.




1921 Colt Thompson rebarrel

An early Colt Thompson, (S/N 11xx)  came into the shop with a bulged barrel. Gary’s Bunker did an R&R on the barrel with a correct period replacement, timed and cross pinned the type I Cutts compensator. Gary’s Bunker entered into the NRA market back in 1981 with its first model 1928 TSMG. We have dedicated tooling and over  30+ years of experience building and restoring vintage Thompson SMGs. Contact us for a free estimate on your needs.

1921 TSMG1 1921 TSMG2 1921 TSMG3 1921 TSMG4

Stoeger SBS

Built to customer specs, Stoeger SBS





Post 86 Samples

For Law Enforcement, Class 2 & 3 dealers and other qualified buyers, Gary’s Bunker can provide new manufactured post 86 NFA samples.

The following M1A1 Thompson submachinegun was recently completed with a new GB manufactured receiver and barrel action assembled to USGI components and manganese phosphate finished.  As with all of our builds, we pay very close attention to providing OEM detail. Please contact us for your post 86 sample needs.










SBR Engraving

We offer BATF compliant CNC engraving for your form 1 SBR builds. There is nothing worse than devaluing your project with shoddy engraving. We have been satisfying both manufacturers and individuals alike with competitive rates/service for 25+ years.

SBR Trust.png


Garys Bunker gains new WLA Liberator

Added to our collection an outstanding condition 1942 WLA Liberator




photo 3

photo 2

photo 1



FOR SALE – NOS Harley 42WLA factory motor in the crate!

Original factory fresh NOS 45 cu in WLA Harley spare motor in the crate, complete with shipping papers, etc.  This is WWII vintage motor as was shipped to the field as spare parts. Unlike the Harley-Davidson factory rebuilt motors that had existing engine numbered cases, this is an authentic and correct replacement motor that has an UNSTAMPED engine boss. This is a true focal piece for the avid WLA Liberator collector and WWII historian.  Plexiglass added for display purposes. A very rare collectable! $10k plus shipping

MVC-050S MVC-051S