1917 Remington Marked Bayonet with leather scabbard, WWI


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Here we have an original U.S WW1 Remington model 1917 Bayonet. The Model 1917 bayonet was fitted to the US Model 1917 rifle (often mistakenly called the P17) and also the Enfield P14 as well as the 1897 Trench shotguns. These bayonets were re-issued in WW2 to be used with the P14 and M17 rifles that armed the Home Guard units. This particular bayonet is in very good condition, with excellent straight blade with light parkarized finish to the entire length, undamaged edge and point, factory sharpened only. Marked 1917 for the pattern above the maker logo for Remington, the other side showing the ‘flaming bomb’ and eagle’s head motifs and US. Very good grips and original blacked finish to cross guard and pommel. The scabbard is equally good with original green finish to the leather still showing green cammo paint, and nice and tight. Scabbard made by G.F.



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