Down to 3 Left… Springfield A4 Sniper Bolts ready to ship! Next Production run November 2017

Just back from black oxide, these bolts are READY TO SHIP.

These are the very finest replica A4 Sniper bolts available, reforged from NOS Remington 1903A3 Bolts. All dies and tooling were built around an original Remington A4 Sniper bolt

To order go to the “SHOP” menu, “FIREARMS” and “A4 Sniper Bolt” and place a quantity in the shopping cart.  T


Price is $250




UPDATE-  Bolts are all machined and are ready for black oxide. We will be ready to ship in Mid November.  Please contact us to reserve your 1903-A4 bolt/s


finished bolts1 finished bolts

After a long hiatus I finally caught a window today and re-forged 34 NOS Remington 1903 bolts to the the A4 sweep lower contour. The balance CNC operations will be taking place to contour the top profile in the next few weeks, then off to hand polish and black oxide, just like the originals.

This will likely be my last run of these for quite a while. If you would like to reserves one or two, please contact me on this website by using the “CONTACT US”  and putting “1903-A4 Bolt” in the SUBJECT LINE. Please specify how many you would like to reserve. There is no need to add payment in advance.

Re-forged bolt handles from NOS Remington A3 bolts:Forged Bolts


NOS in the wrapper Remington A3 Bolts:bolts

Final Product:


7 thoughts on “Down to 3 Left… Springfield A4 Sniper Bolts ready to ship! Next Production run November 2017”

  1. Hello, do you have any more re-forged A4 bolts in stock? I see your post from May ’17 that you were sold out, but I’m hoping you have made more since then. Will these bolts fit a remington 03 A3 reciever, or will the receiver need to be modified to accept the curve of the bolt handle? Thank you!

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